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Osteoarthritis (OA) affects 8.75 million people in the UK (Mobasheri & Batt 2016), places a considerable burden upon the economy (Woolf et al. 2012) and seriously impairs the quality of life of its sufferers (Hiligsmann et al. 2013).

The OATech+ Network is an EPSRC funded project which aims to utilise the expertise of multidisciplinary network partners to:

Identify challenges and knowledge gaps

Support and drive multidisciplinary collaborations in UK osteoarthritis research

Form the basis for high-level grant funding and publications


and ultimately improve diagnosis, treatment and bring novel therapies to market.

Research Themes

Facilitating the Next Generation of Leaders in OA Tech

Theme Leader: Prof Jim Richards


Biomechanics / Mechanobiology of OA

Theme Leader: Prof Martin Knight

Novel Experimental Technology

Theme Lead: Prof Sally Roberts

Experimental & Predictive Modelling Technology

Directed by a working group

Establishing High Level Evidence

Theme Leader: Dr Debbie Mason

Establishing an Impact Toolkit

Theme Leader: Prof Alison McGregor

Data Analysis Technology

Theme Leader: Dr Mark Elliott

Lifestyle Interventions

Theme Leader: Prof Richard Jones

Imaging & Image Analysis Tools

Directed by a working group

Clinical Applications

Clinical Liaison: Prof Nidhi Sofat

principal Investigator

Prof. Cathy Holt


For further information about the Network please contact the Network Coordinator:

Dr Leanne Sawle, Cardiff University,

co Investigators

Prof. Anthony Bull
Prof. Philip Conaghan
Prof. Andrew Pitsillides
Prof. Philip Rowe