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The Osteoarthritis Technology Plus Network (OATech+): A multidisciplinary approach to the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, fits the EPSRC Optimising Treatment Grand Challenge.

Optimising Treatment for OA is hampered by:

A lack of experimental and clinical tools to monitor joint changes at the very early stages

Few targeted interventions as standard practice

A scarcity of treatment validation tools

The OATech+ Network is working to trigger the disruptive changes required in these areas by combining over 100 academic, clinical and industry UK and international participants with appropriate experience/expertise. It will facilitate new inter-disciplinary research links and broaden the musculoskeletal (MSK) research arena through technological advances and the application of engineering and physical sciences to biomedical sciences.

To direct the research being undertaken, a Research Forum has been established. This is comprised of the Operations Group and Theme Leaders, and includes representatives from multiple UK institutions.



Operations Group Profiles

Prof Cathy Holt

Prof Anthony Bull

Prof Philip Conaghan

Prof Andy Pitsillides

Prof Philip Rowe


OATech+ coordinator

Dr Rebecca Hamilton


OATech+ Network partners who are keen to share their expertise can be found in the database below

Access the expertise and mentoring database


Patient Representative

Mr Peter Roberts Further information on the Network structure can be accessed in the resources section of the website