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Name: Dr Mark Elliott

Institution: University of Warwick

Theme or Role: Data Analytics


Brief biography: I am an Assistant Professor of Healthcare Technology and Behaviour Change at the Institute of Digital Healthcare. My main research interests are centred on human movement coordination. I combine skills in engineering and behavioural neuroscience to produce novel methods and models, describing how people use information across the senses to co-ordinate their movements. I have published a number of papers modelling how the information we receive through the senses influences our movement. In particular, I am interested in the timing properties of movements and more recently have been involved in projects investigating the use of rhythmic timing cues for movement rehabilitation following neurological disease. I am currently investigating the use of motion tracking technology and machine learning for healthcare and rehabilitation applications. Prior to my current position, I was a Research Fellow in the Sensory Motor Neuroscience (SyMoN) lab at the University of Birmingham. I completed my PhD at Aston University, developing intelligent systems to discriminate between different walking patterns. Before completing my PhD, I qualified with an MEng in Electronic Systems Engineering (Aston University) and worked for 3 years as a Design Engineer in the telecommunications industry.  

As lead on the Data Analysis Technology Theme I am the project lead on the OA Dataset Scoping Project and the collaboration project with the Alan Turing Institute. A project report and paper publication pre-print are provided below.