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OATech – Technology for Remote Data Collection

Jenny WIlliams
18 Jun 2021

The OATech Network is conducting a scoping review focussed on technology available for collecting data for osteoarthritis research outside of a laboratory or clinical setting. This is sometimes referred to as ‘remote’ or’ community’ data collection. By ‘technology’ we mean any instrument, tool or device including a computer-based app that can gather objective data or measures including participant PROMS.

As this is a fast-moving area, we would welcome your responses to a few questions that will inform a grey literature search and assist us in our understanding of ‘remote’ research for OA.

Your responses to the questions in this survey are appreciated and all data is collected anonymously. The resulting scoping review will be shared with the OATech Network later in 2021.

This questionnaire is open to OA researchers and clinicians until 30th July 2021. Please feel free to forward it to others.

If you have any questions about this research or wish to get in touch please contact Jenny Williams: or OATech Network Co-ordinator Rebecca Hamilton: