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Biomechanics and Mechanobiology Pump-Priming Funding

03 Jun 2019

After receiving 12 applications, and going through a peer-review process, we are pleased to announce that 8 projects have been awarded funding.


Project No. 4: Micromechanics in Cartilage Matrix: a new Perspective on Functionality. Junning Chen

Project No. 9: Hedgehog signalling in ligamentocytes: the role of mechanical loading. Mandy Peffers

Project No. 5: Supine versus upright MRI: comparison of tissue in normal and OA knees. Philip Conaghan

Project No. 7: Mechanical stimulation re-sets the biological clock within cartilage to align to diurnal

patterns in activity. David Lee

Project No. 12: Effect of obesity on the mechanical properties of end stage osteoarthritic bone at multiple length scales. Robert Wallace

Project No. 3: Determining 3D kinematics of the talus during normal walking using video fluoroscopy: A pilot study. Claire Brockett

Project No. 10: Using 3D Trabecular Architecture as a Biomarker to Identify and Monitor Osteoarthritis of the Knee. Andrew Pitsillides

Project No. 11. Development of a synovium-chondrocyte organ-on-a-chip model with integrated biomechanical stimulation. Hazel Screen


Thank you everyone who took the time to submit an application, and to those who supported the peer review process.