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Imaging Arthritis Consortium: Inaugural Meeting


The Imaging Arthritis Consortium is a new community of academic, clinical and industry researchers with interests in developing or applying advanced imaging methods to drive breakthroughs in the field of musculoskeletal research. The focus of the Imaging Arthritis Consortium is to establish an active, UK wide network of researchers and musculoskeletal imaging facilities. This network will enable its members to seek out leading expertise and facilities in complimentary research areas and in so doing access new avenues for funding and increase the impact of their research. The Imaging Arthritis Consortium aims to support researchers from all backgrounds and at all career stages in advancing their research.


The OATECH+ network in partnership with GW4 and Imaging BioPro invites you to attend the inaugural meeting of the The Imaging Arthritis Consortium. The 2-day Imaging Arthritis Symposium will at the University of Exeter on the 23rd and 24th of July 2019. This event will bring together early and established career researchers from across the UK with interests in developing new collaborations to tackle specific imaging related challenges in musculoskeletal research. At the symposium, Prof. Peter Winlove (University of Exeter), Prof. Cathy Holt (Cardiff University) and Prof. Phil Conaghan (University of Leeds) will provide keynote addresses to stimulate discussions amongst attendees. There will also be opportunities to discuss funding for pilot feasibility studies with leading investigators from the OATECH+ and Imaging BioPro networks who are resourced to support such applications.


The 2-day symposium, funded by support from GW4, OATECH+ and Imaging BioPro and industry sponsors, will be held in the Living Systems Institute, the University of Exeter’s flagship £52M investment in interdisciplinary biomedical research. The primary goal of the symposium is to promote meaningful collaborations between researchers with complimentary skills and interests in imaging-related arthritis research. A strategic focus will be placed sustaining nascent collaborations through onward funding mechanisms. To support the aims of the symposium, the event will be facilitated by Liz Ogilvie from The Collective.


Registration is free and all refreshments, meals and overnight accommodation is included for all attendees. A fixed sum to reimburse reasonable travel costs will also be offered.


If you would like to attend this exciting event, please email with the following details:


  1. Name
  2. Institution
  3. Job title
  4. Background summary (one brief paragraph)
  5. Why you are interested in attending (one brief paragraph).


Places are limited so please reply promptly to secure you attendance. If you are unable to attend the symposium but would like to join the Imaging Arthritis Consortium please email